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We have our own fleet of trucks that are out on the road every day. Give us a call, tell us what you need, and we will be on our way – most of the time the very same day!

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About Us

Experts in Organic Mulch, Top Soil, Compost, Sand and Gravel for Garden, Lawn & Landscape. We Deliver quality enriched Mulch, Compost and Top Soil Blends for Gardening, Lawn Restoration and New Landscaping projects in Aurora, Oswego and Montgomery IL.

Our Garden and Landscape Top Soils are custom blended with natural Fertilizer and organic amendments.
Blending Top Soil, Compost, Peat Moss, Worm Castings, composted Pine Bark, Mushroom Compost and other organics to improve aeration, nutrient levels and build Soil structure.

Grow Better Flowers, Vegetables, Grass, Herbs, Plants or Lawn by using the right Organic Garden Fertilizers, Compost and Topsoil.

We sell Top Soil Mixes and Potting Soil for Gardening, Lawn, Raised Garden Beds, Planters, Leveling Turf, Top Dressing and Landscape.

Use our Top Soil – Compost Blend for Lawn Overseeding and faster germination of New Grass Seed.
Top Soil for Regrading Lawn or Backfilling settled Foundations and Landscapes. Redirect standing water or flow with pulverized Topsoil Fill Dirt, Sand or drainage Gravel.
Delivery to Aurora, Oswego, Batavia, Geneva and Montgomery IL. Indoor-Outdoor Garden Soilless Media, Washed Gravel and Sand available.

Mulch for Landscape and Garden
Our Number one selling twice ground Hardwood Landscape Mulch provides durability, superior weed control and great value.
We produce a 70/30 Mulch-compost Blend that offers you the ability to mulch and amend depleted Lawn and Garden soils, Flower Beds, Trees and Shrubs in one application.
We Sell the finest all natural southern Bark Mulches and screened Bark Fines including Cypress, Cedar, Peat moss, Compost and leaf Mulch for Gardening or Landscape beds. Our Mulches are made from all Natural virgin Forest Materials. NO dyes or chemical color enhancement, Kid Safe and Pet Safe. We carry Certified Playground Mulch, Play Sand, Wood Chips, Mushroom Compost and Pine Bark for Mulching or Top Soil conditioner for Lawn, Garden and Landscape areas. Aurora Illinois Bulk Decorative Mulch, Sand and Gravel Supplier with Deliveries to Batavia, Oswego, Montgomery and Bristol IL, Order Now. 1630-844-3478

Sand & Gravel Delivery
Your source for Sand, Gravel, limestone and Paver Base Material.
Say no to Bags when you need Driveway Gravel, Pool Sand, beach Sand or filling the sandbox. Buy your Pea Gravel, River Rock, Crushed Limestone Gravel and Washed Stone in bulk and Save.
Road mix, Septic Stone and Landscape rock Available. 844-DIRT Your Trusted partner in organic Garden, Lawn and Landscape.
Delivery in Aurora, Oswego, Yorkville and Montgomery IL.